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What We Do at Greater Pump Management, Inc.

We specialize in reconditioning, remanufacturing, and replacing mechanical shaft seals for most major submersible and non-submersible pumps. Our company possesses in-house design and reengineering capabilities that suit a variety of applications.

In addition, we offer a core banking service. This allows customers to have their own seals stored in a semi-ready state. These can then be shipped out at a moment’s notice. In most cases, the seals can be sent in one to two business days. If you like services with quick turnaround times, we are the company for you.

Our Reconditioning Process

  • 1 Upon receipt of seals from our customers, we thoroughly clean and inspect them.
  • 2 Afterward, we determine whether the seals can be reconditioned, if they require remanufacturing (with replacement parts), or if they need to be replaced with new ones.
  • 3 All seals that can be reconditioned are ground to .002 parallelism then lapped to two light band or less (23.2 millionths of an inch flatness).
  • 4 Seal faces are then checked with an optical flat under monochromatic light before we dip them in a low-temperature plastic and oil solution to protect the faces until installation.
  • 5 New O-rings are installed, and then seal assemblies are boxed for shipment.

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